Italy is known around the world for the fine cheap tiffany and co australia that it produces. Italian gold jewelry is known for its style, its finesse and its craftsmanship. Each year Italy produces approximately 500 tons of fine gold and most of the gold jewelry produced there is in 18 karat gold. There are three regions of Italy that are particularly known for their jewelry and styles of goldsmithing.
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 The first such area is the Veneto Region. In the Veneto Region the city of Vicenza holds the Gold Expostion three times per year. These shows feature 56,000 square meters of display space located in 9 different pavilions, each with a slightly different focus. Almost 2,000 exhibitors show their wares here each year. Most of those vendors are from Italy, but there are numerous exhibitors from around the globe.

 Jewelry making is by no means a new fad in the Veneto Region. In fact, the first trade union for Cheap Tiffany   jewelry makers was formed here during the 1300s. A well known goldsmith in Vicenza is Stefani Stefano, who works with many loop designs, particularly with respect to necklaces.

 The second of the three Italian gold jewelry making areas is the Tuscany Region. Long known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, gold jewelry from this region is influenced by the stunning landscapes and its rich artistic heritage. One of the most respected jewelers of this area is Luca Benfaremo. His best known pieces are usually darker and more rustic looking than many gold pieces. He does his work on the Ponte Vecchio, where Italian goldsmiths have worked since 1593. Benfaremo often combines his gold jewelry with ebony or stainless steel.

 The third area of Italy known for its gold is the Piedmont Region. One of the oldest Italian gold jewelry makers in this area is the Giorgio Damiani Company that is located in the city of Valenza. This company loves to work with famous people, like Brad Pitt, for instance, to design special celebrity jewelry.

 Gold will always be valued. The price of gold today in the gold futures market continues to soar.  Whoever is lucky enough to own a piece of fine cheap tiffany necklaces will treasure it always, both as a great investment that will increase in value over the years and as something that can be passed down to the next generation.

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