Are you struggling to decorate a room to exude elegance and class? Well, look no further than a tiffany ceiling fan as no other fans matches its grace and exquisiteness. These fans are designed after the art nouveau designs of cheap tiffany and co australia which features beautiful stained glass, warm hues and classic designs. Tiffany ceiling fans range from the affordable 300 dollars to the magnificent 1000 dollars.
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 Many designers have combined tiffany style glass with other timeless dcor trends. The Savoy House Cloister ceiling fan is an exquisite example. This fan combines tiffany cream glass with the classic lines of mission style design. The result is a modern twist on two classic designs. Adding tiffany style to an existing ceiling fan is an easy task through the use of light shades and light kits. Case in point is the beautiful Monte Carlo Fan Company Leaded Tiffany Geometric Glass Shade. In warm hues and geometric patterns, this shade radiates with art deco style and is a stunning tribute to the tiffany style.

 At the lowest end of the price range are tiffany style ceiling fan light kits. These kits normally sell for well under a hundred dollars and allow you to add the elegant styling of a tiffany jewellery australia sydney to your existing ceiling fan. A large collection of light shade styles are available, each featuring their own unique designs. The light kits are generally very easy to install and can be a quick and inexpensive way to achieve the look of a tiffany fan.

 Rather than installing only the lighting kit, several affordable fans with tiffany styles are  The Litex Coquillage would serve as a great example. Even though this fan is cheaper, it still maintains its exquisite features and design. This 52" five bladed fan comes with a remote control for ease of use; and a tiffany glass kit with excellent and detailed design which accentuates its aged bronze housing.

 On the upper end of the scale and what some consider to be the best of the best is the cheap tiffany and co jewellery fan from Emerson. This fan's exquisite detailing includes both up lighting and down lighting for a beautiful ambience. The upper light gently glows through the tiffany glass shade, while a faux alabaster resin bowl is illuminated beneath. Five beautifully designed wood blades and weathered bronze rods complete this classic piece.

 For a warmly lit atmosphere, enduring style , and unequaled refinement, look no further than tiffany ceiling fans. Whether you choose to simply add a tiffany light kit to an existing fixture or bring home a top-of-the-line ceiling fan, your home will exude beauty and grace.

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