At home, what kind of 'rotten board' can be sold for nike air max ." Famous skateboard a small domestic manufacturer of the relevant person in charge told reporters in an interview, in fact, have their product safety testing, and will in the world SGS largest third-party certification testing centers, testing high cost of physical testing on a little of 5,000 yuan. Recently,, they conducted a test in chemistry is spent 30,000 yuan. "Cost of testing are generally out by us, there is little money for security testing customers, the cost is too high. Particularly in the pursuit of wholesale nike air max for domestic distributors, they will not take such a pen cost to do the check, not to mention our brand is still very hard,there are certain standards to ensure production quality." Production standards at the time talking about skateboarding, the official told reporters that there are a variety of board, thickness varies.


 Peeling out of time and can not be exactly the same, so they control in production is mainly the thickness of the entire board, The board of the concavity is to form upon request made under the mold  air jordans cheap. "Production on the slide, there is a international EN13613 standard, promulgated by the United Kingdom, in order to meet the export market, we will strictly follow the production of this standard, the products produced little problem. But there is no domestic production for the skateboard stringent standards such as glue problem, the board will not crack, break, etc. will not support the concerns of domestic consumers,, through their 'impact test' could meet. "It is understood that although the majority of young people on skateboards, as skateboards production have strict age difference, the answer is "in addition to different dimensions, the board used by adults and children alike." To avoid liability, many skateboard, vigor board manufacturers will be posted in the product such as "problems in the process of skateboards shall not be responsible for "the exemption warnings.

Then foreign standards to the Chinese people's exercise habits for it? Adults and children, motor skills and, like it? Is there a skateboarding domestic production on the mandatory standards? Reporters in the national commission that, at present China is not only there is no mandatory standards on skateboards,, sporting goods and even other children compulsory certification standards in a vacuum. The existence of nike online involved in sports like the standard only on the production of standard infant clothing some of the mandatory requirements. Parents awareness of product safety is weak, the high cost of safety testing, lack of product standards, not necessarily spending money can buy assured products air max 2009, children's consumption can only become parents in mind, "tell of the pain."

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